I’m your man baby


I take my drink and i go up the stairs of the stage, i have my lonely chair waiting for me. She comes to the stage and start her erothic dance for me. I have a cigarrete in my mouth and she steal it without a kiss. I’m destroying myself every night comming in this fucking club. 

She is gorgeous but i can’t have her outside of the club, she is my obsesion, i’m addicted to her.

Suddenly she pick me to the front of the stage, now i’m visible for the public. She don’t cares and she start to undress me.

She put in my face a lot of shave cream, she gonna shave my moustache. 

It’s the most erotic moment i haved with her, her eyes are concentrated in don’t cut my skin, she have a good hands. 

When bouth are naked i show her what i have to enjoy our moment, i really want to fuck her and she really want to fuck me.

Enjoy our video.

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